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Sorry I'm so late, the Uni's server had problems, and I didn't have internet access. Anyway, everything should be back to normal now :)

Here's the All John Sixth challenge!

You have until Thursday 28 June, 11pm (your own time) to submit your icon.


- You may submit one icon only.
- You're allowed to use textures and brushes. But NO big textbrushes! (Tinytextbrushes are allowed). And NO pre-made bases.
- Icons must follow lj standards: 100x100 & 40 kb.
- No animations.
- Blending is allowed.
- Do not post your icon anywhere else until the challenge is over.
- Post your icon and it's url as a comment to this post. Comments will be screened.
- Use the screencaps provided only.

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Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to another fantastic artist this week:

I hope you'll be back for the next round!

And the favourites:

People's Choice:




Mod's Choice:


Sorry I'm late, but I have my finals this week, and it's been really busy :) The next challenge should be up tomorrow at the latest, or earier if I can manage.

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