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A John & Rodney Lims Contest
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This is a Last Icon Maker Standing contest dedicated to the dynamics between John Sheppard and Rodney Mckay of the show Stargate:Atlantis. Every week a cap and/or a theme will be provided, and you have to make an icon from it. The winner(s) of each challenge will recieve a banner featuring their icon.


1- To particpate in a round you must sign up within the designated amount of time by commenting here.
2- Once you have been voted out, you cannot participate until the next round.
3. All icons must fit LJ standarts: 100x100 pixels max. and not more than 40kB.
4. You may use only images that are provided. Stock images, textures, brushes, etc. are allowed, but NO animation (unless otherwise stated).
7. If you don't post your icon in time, I will use your skip. If you consumed all skip chances, you MUST submit your icon in every round, or you'll be disqualified.
8. You can't post your icon anywhere else until voting is complete.
9- You MUST make a new icon for each challenge, NO using pre-made bases/icons.
10- You can't vote for youself as favourite icon.


01. Upload your icon to an image hosting service that allows direct linking (i.e. Photobucket, ImageShack).
02. Post both the image tag and URL (see below) as a reply to the challenge post. Comments are screened.



- Vote for the TWO icons you like the least and give the reason why.
- Personal reasons like 'I don't like the color blue' are not acceptable. Try to avoid "I don't like..." You are not voting for your least favourite style, you are voting for the lesser quality icons. It's the technique that matters. (Blurryness/sharpness, darkness/brightness, cropping, textplacing, etc.)
- Vote for your favourite icon, reasons are optional, but always nice.
- You can vote for yourself as an icon you like the least but why would you?
- You can NOT vote for yourself as favourite icon. If you do so, I will not count it.
- You do not need to be a member to vote.
- Comments will be screened.


Wednesday: A new Challenge will be up.
Saturday: Due date. You have until 11pm (your own time)
Sunday: Voting begins.
Tuesday: Voting closes and the winners are announced. Banners should be up the next day or so.